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RE: introductions

>The 2.3 list is now 60 strong, and to help start out the chatter, I would
>like everyone to introduce themselves and maybe give a quick gameplan for
>your cars.
>[]  My name is Dennis Sly, I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have an
>later model 84 SVO. I first restored the car back to original. That took
>about a year. The car had a blown head gasket, needed body work and various
>other things fixed including seat belts. Now that that part is done, I am
>modifying the car for the 1/4 mile. I am trying to go as fast as possible
>without NOS, first.
>I have put on the standard 6" K&N conicle, Manually adjust the boost
>(dial-a-boom), Engle cam. I have just purchased a bigger Turbo (T3/T4 hybrid,
>57 trim, .63 exhaust, stage III turbine, creamic bearings) that should be
>good up to 450HP from Turbonetics, just got a 88 Lincoln Mark VII 8.8 rear
>(4.11) , also just got an exhaust manifold from an 88 TC, I am thinking about
>using the 3" down pipe and external wastegate from ATR. Then all the usually
>porting.  Currently I am trying to figure out the best thing to do with the
>fuel system, injectors, chip and fuel pump. Next on the list is the cylinder
>head with bigger valves and straighter exhaust ports, the originals have a 90
>degree turn and restricts the air flow to much. Well there you have it. I am
>planning on starting racing next year, they just built a track a little
>closer to home. In the end, I hope to be going as fast as Joe Morgan. 
>P.S. This is what it must feel like at an alcoholics anonymus confession.
84 SVO, Silver