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Re: SVO: Fuel pumps

 He told me that I would be better off with the 
>155 L/hr fuel pump or get a bosch unit from Kinsler Fuel Injection.
>(1-810-362-1145). Anybody ever heard of this company or know anything
>about Bosch Fuel pumps.

        Kinsler Fuel Injection has been around since the dawn of time (or at
least the dawn of fuel injection).  They are a very reputable company.  This
is also the company that sells the high temp silicone turbo hoses and IC
tubing for custom IC installation.  As for pumps, I have a T-Rex pump on the
shelf waiting for the Capri.  That thing wouldn't drop pressure if you used
it to feed a fire hose.  It is capable of supporting a 550hp blown V-8 all
by itself.  It's an external pump and it sells for like $250.

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