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SVO: Hydraulic Clutch Retrofit

Cameron Bush@TRANSALTA
17/12/97 11:29 AM

Hi Listers:
I put an ETS aluminum flywheel and Centerforce clutch/pressure plate in my
86 SVO last year and had no problems until this past month. Several weeks
ago it felt like the clutch was slipping. After a couple of drives it went
back to normal, so I thought the adjustment quadrant/pawl thing had snugged
things up. This week my car bucked in first gear several times. Is this a
symptom of the adjustment mechanism not working properly? It sounds like a
lot of folks on the list dislike the SVO's adjustment mechanism.

This got me wondering about retrofitting a hydraulic system from a wrecked
'88 T/Coupe. Has it been tried? Would it be better/worse than an
aftermarket clutch cable system? Is it even possible?

Cam Bush
Calgary, Alberta
'86 SVO
'88 Merkur Scorpio (daily driver)
'88 Merkur Scorpio (parts car)
Recently sold my '86 T'Bird Elan (5.0L) and '86 Generic Motors car