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Re: SVO: Re: Nick's cam

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Jeff Dalbec wrote:

> Oh yeah and this is not a personal attack on Joe!!!!!!!!
Well its a one way street.....

This situation is like going to a church, and questioning their beleifs.
I for the life of me cant remember who it was, but it was either
Copernicus or Galileo that fist discovered the earth revolved around the
well, the church bqack then was a big pillar of life, and they beleive
that everything revolve around the Earth, as it was proven in like the
600's or so, althought here were tons of flaws in it.  So one of those two
came up with the thery that everything revolves around the sun, with
proof, and guess what.  They excommunicated him!!
Allthe church had to go on is what they beleived, which as we know it, is

Well, Joe has the thoery, the proof, and this is the church.  Its sad.

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