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Re: SVO: Motion to table discussion

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Jim Dvorak wrote:

> Motion to table discussion on the calculator results until after January 5th.
I'll second it if people will actually listen and not listen to "its
workin now" as the end all.....What will happen if they put it in a stock
head is the seals will probably go out.  This cam is run so close that if
you leave the stock valve, core shift can make it so it will have probs.
Some will, some wont.  So it means that if they just throw it in Chris's
car, it may work, it may die rite there, and it may last 6 months.  If it
is minor interferance, it will work fine until 6 months down the road when
it starts smoking.  
U know what I mean by "core shift" rite? it has to do with the fact that
every part is actually different.  no two of the same engine are exactly
the same.  that is what they mean when they design tolerances in it.  Run
it to the big end of the tolerance, your going to be tite most of the

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