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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #68

> > 1. what is the backspacing on the 86 SVO?
> > 2. what is the largest wheel and tire that will fit on the SVO without
> > having to roll the fenders? 255? 17x8's?
> > 3. if i went with a 17"8 rim, what width tire should go on it 245?
> > 255?
> I also was wondering the same thing, ANYONE have any information, or
> experience with different combonations?
> I would like to hear about anything dealing with this topic (just don't
> bash vendors or dave will slap your wrist ;-)  )

I certainly will....

ALL of this info is in the May 97 (I think) issue of MM&FF.  I even posted
it when it came out.

BASICALLY, no Cobra R wheels for your SVO.  I'm taking their word on this,
so don't shoot the messenger.

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