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My name is Pat Paulson and I have an 87 turbo coupe, automatic(A4LD). I've
owned it for 1.5 years and have been busy getting things fixed(and learning
about EFI) that the previous owner didn't bother with. The only 2 things I
have left (I think) are replacing the heater core and fixing a rear end
rumble. I'm not much into racing (at a track yet) but I do like having
cheek pulling power when you want it. When I'm done getting things 'like
they should be' I would like to start adding at least these mods(in order)
and any others I can be persuaded into doing.
     - turn up boost
     - K&N cone (P/N anyone ??)
     - 3" exhaust ??
     - Dave's ported exhaust manifold
     - Dave's Engle 55 ?? cam
     - ????

Now about that rear end rumble. I use to have a real bad driveline
vibration that has been fixed by replacing the DS(thanks Scott). When I
installed the DS, I put a runout gauge on the frame of the car by the rear
flange. No matter how I rotated the DS flange on the pinion flange, I
always ended up with between .012-.015" of runout. I finally said to hell
with it and went out and drove it. The vibration that was there before
seems to be gone, but now I have this, what seems to be a constant rumble.
I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid or not. I'm guessing(hoping) wheel
bearings but I want to check everything else out first.  Any ideas???

I live in central Texas and am beginning to feel like an old fart at the
ripe age of 38. My mechanical experience consists mainly of general
maintenance BS on several cars while growing up. Now I'm down to 2 GM's, 1
Accord, 1 Kawa 900 and now the t-bird. All, except the Z1, with 140K plus
miles on them. I don't have any experience in 'hopping up' a car, but I'm
hoping I can overcome that with the help of this list.

Do you guys have a PC plugged into your body? Where do you find the time to
reply? I'm doing good just to be a lurker, which I guess I should be
severely flogged for.