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Re: SVO: Re: Nick's cam

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, DIRKPIT777 wrote:

> Dave,
> You have very eloquently expressed my exact feelings and I am sure, the
> feelings of the majority of the people on the list!


> Funny, I don't think I have ever read on this list, a response from
anyone who
> dealt with Nick (who really has purchased and used his products) and was not
> completely satisfied.
> Joe must know all of the unhappy ones personally(sure).


Actually, since I have a really good reliability record and I'll not
trying to pitch people stuff (and since both my e-mail and phone
number are out there all the time)...lots and lots of people write and
call to ask my advice about problems that either they or their friends are
having. I don't know any of the people who bought the cams -- except for
the guy who wrote the other night...the one who had the valve stick.

The rest have been complaining about the guides being hammered, or
smoking from the guides.

> I don't blame Nick for not telling everyone how he makes his cam work.....the
> fact is..IT DOES..and I have personal experience!
> This is what is called in the industry "Proprietary Information".

No...in the industry, it's called "snake oil".  If you run that cam on a
stock head without machining down the guides -- you will smash the seals
by at least .040".  I didn't design the head -- I didn't design the
valves...but I can read an indicator.

If you don't believe it, then check it for yourself.  That's the beautiful
thing about using a common unit of measurement.  

> Joe seems to think Nick should tell the world how he does it....(I bet so Joe
> can copy it for his own cam design)

If I wanted to copy a successful cam, I would just copy the FMS
roller...at least there are a few fast cars on the list running that one.

>  Hows that feel Joe....maybe we should all question YOUR character, integrity,
> honesty, and motivations??????....(and mental health)

Go ahead...question my motivations..., spending time measuring guides
will definitely *not* help my schoolwork, the shower I need to install or
help me do Honda timing belts better.   I'm in school because I want to
get out of the car business, not get into it...it's too polluted by
hucksters like Nick and Steve.

Ask Dave how much I want to sell stuff.

> Don't get me wrong Joe, I greatly respect what u have accomplished, but it
> doesn't give you the right visiously attack anyone without cause or direct
> experience.

How can I not "get you wrong"...?  You clearly have no understanding of
the issues at hand, yet you persist in making personal attacks.  IMO --
you're a twit...

> So far...all it says to me...is YOU haven't figured how he does it and are
> trying to "bait" him into telling you.

If you had even half a brain and/or a dial indicator, you'd see that he
*can't* do it.  if you're too lazy or ignorant to check it yourself, then
go ahead and buy it...just get in line to complain about the smashed seals
and guides.

> My last post on this subject.

*Elvis has left the building*

Funny, I thought your *last* post was your *last* post...

Joe Morgan