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SVO: Re: washing walls.

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Dave Compton wrote:

> > We are not talkin about fresh rebuilds for the most part.....And go hang
> > out on SHOtimes and tell them that that over rich condition they are
> > always talin about is not affecting the rings...
> hmmm.
> I seem to remember that the overrich condition killed the cats on SHOs,
> which broke up and then ingested into the motor, when you let off the
> throttle at 7500 RPM, which is what ate the rings and cylinder walls.
> This factoid is on the SHO website

from what I remember the cat problems were when a big chunk would get
sucked back, and kill the whole thing on the spot....
Dude, call your local machine shop. Ask them if an over rich condition
will tear up your rings from washing the cylinderwalls dry.

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