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Re: Fuel System

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Pat Paulson wrote:
> >hmmmm interesting...I have the '88 TC 5-speed computer and it has ALWAYS
> >had a nasty lean miss at idle. This might explain it...Do you have the
> >Ford numbers for computers in the the TCB's?
> >Cory
> Have you tried loosening the spring inside the top of the VAF ? This will
> open the door more at idle so it should richen it up.
> Just a thought...

Yes I have. It's interesting though: whenever I open the VAF by hand it
stops lean missing, then 30 seconds later it starts again...I can continue
to open the VAF until it is completely open -- then it will stop (and the
motor will practically die from the richness). It seems to lean miss no
matter what I do....might be something else like a part-clogged injector
or an ignition miss as well, but it doesn't do it anywhere else except