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Re: SVO: Re: Introductions

On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, Ronald Larsen wrote:

> The kevlar puck disk was put in after the Ford Motorsport unit burnt
> out.  I new disk is now starting to slip.  I never tried the duel
> friction so it's good to hear some feedback.  I'm going to check for oil
> on the disk when I replace it but I thought the kevlar was impervious to
> oil anyway (ie: it would just burn off).  Anybody? 

I dunno about Kevlar, but once the oil dries up, the bronze ones will work
pretty good.I used to run a bronze clutch in my old Scirocco, and I blew
up over 10 transmissions with that car, and I used to alternate between
two discs.  They both were basically the same, but switching them back and
forth let them dry out before its next use.  O yeah, reson I mention this
is when they would blow up, it would spew gear oil all in the
But another intersting bit of info is somewhere along the line I did have
to change the flywheel and pressure plate.  Thing is, those metallic disks
dont wear out, the flywheel and plate do!!!!

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