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hi all, my name is matt and i have a 84 svo whicj i just love dearly. i live
in santa cruz, ca and am in the process of road race/ open track preparring my
car. the mods i have done so far are: adj. boost, K&N cone sticking through my
pass headlight, griggs coilover kit, 16x7.5 TSW evo wheels w/bfg race rubber
(stock size) soon to be done: 8.8 rear w/4.11 gears, 3" exhaust from turbo to
muffler (prob w/a turndown afterwards), aluminum driveshaft, griggs panhard
bar, and some stronger reaer control arms. right know the car is an absolute
blast to drive around the track. 
any other road race svo's out there drop me a line and we can chat 
84 svo