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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #71

> From: svo-request@SMARTWORX.COM
> To: Svo <svo@SMARTWORX.COM>
> Subject: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #71
> Date: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 2:18 PM
Hi Listers:
I put an ETS aluminum flywheel and Centerforce clutch/pressure plate in my
86 SVO last year and had no problems until this past month. Several weeks
ago it felt like the clutch was slipping. After a couple of drives it went
back to normal, so I thought the adjustment quadrant/pawl thing had snugged
things up. This week my car bucked in first gear several times. Is this a
symptom of the adjustment mechanism not working properly? It sounds like a
lot of folks on the list dislike the SVO's adjustment mechanism.

This got me wondering about retrofitting a hydraulic system from a wrecked
'88 T/Coupe. Has it been tried? Would it be better/worse than an
aftermarket clutch cable system? Is it even possible?

The problem your having sounds like the clutch quadrant(auto adjust system)
is starting to strip.
The T/Coupe hydraulic system is a bolt in if you have the right parts,
you need a bellhousing,clutch fork,slave cylinder,hydraulic line,master
cylinder,clutch rod,clutch pedal,brake and clutch pedal support,brake
cross shaft and fluid resivior.I think I got them all.
 The Motorsport heavy duty replacement works and fits well,it has an 
aluminum cam and an adjustable cable.
 By the way I have a T/Coupe hydraulic system that I might part with
conact me at the shop or at my home address.

David Planakis 
advanced auto tech
7075-c newington rd.
newington va.22122