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Re: SVO: Nick's cam

In a message dated 97-12-17 20:32:57 EST, dtrich@golden.net writes:

<< Ok guy's  
 It's me again,,,, NO,NO, I come in peace.
 I just wanted to say that I used poor judgement and I am sorry for
 reprinting that letter that I recieved from Nick, mainly because I never
 explained myself.
 I wasn't trying to smear Nick or anything it's just that I felt that a "bolt
 in cam" should work with the stock hardware(FMS hardware). That's why I felt
 that the warranty should still apply even if I was to only purchase the cam.
 I was also under the impression that with rollar followers there was no need
 to worry about break in, sooo,,, you could use them over again with a
 different roller cam. Am I wrong???
 Again,,,, sorry guy's (and I can't wait for the dyno sheets!!!)
I will use an example with the 5 liter motors, although different, the same
theory applies. I have installed numerous E303 and B303 camshafts, with the
new cam it is Stated that you must use new Lifters. Motorsport does not
warranty any of its high performance parts, however if they did, it would
require using new lifters. I personally have never installed new lifters with
these cams because they are rollers. I do inspect them very closely for any
problems before re-using them. I have never had a problem with my installs but
that does not mean that everyone else will have the same luck.If I were to
wipe out a cam and I used new lifters, I would go to the supplier. If I wiped
the cam when using used lifters, shame on me I should have known better. Point
is, How can the manufacturer or supplier warranty something that is used and
that they cannot verify condition. You may or may not Take the same care that
I do when doing engine work but the Supplier cannot verify anything except
that he sold you the part. You cannot expect someone to warranty just part of
a product that was designed to be sold as a kit. I am surprised he even
warranties the kit being that it is a high performance part and we all know
that high performance parts see abuse in one way or another.

Paul (CCA Pres.)