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SVO: T5 grind

This is my first and only T5, so...

My tranny grinds sometimes when I do a 3 - 5 shift, skipping 4th.  I have 2
other 5sp trannys (not T5s) that don't grind when I do this.  Why do I do
this?  Sometimes a romp on it in 3rd and then shift to 5th because I'm at
or past the speed I want to be at.

Is this normal behavior for this transmission to grind when shifting from
3rd to 5th?
This tranny has about 8k mi. on new bearings and carbon fiber syncros. 

If this grinding is expected than I will ignore it and avoid shifting like
this or is there something that need fixin?

Does anyone know what size is the thread for the SVO/Hurst shifter handle?

Carl Haines
86 SVO