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Re: SVO - svo Digest - V01 #71

<Would it be better/worse than an
<aftermarket clutch cable system?

There is a real good article in 5.0 (yes, I read it for it's articles such
as I'm about to mention) and they did a swap on the clutch quadrant linkage
by the clutch pedal that eliminated the self adjuster with a smooth
adjusting nut.  It also comes with a stonger cable (but dental floss is
stronger as well).  It is fairly accessable and can be adjusted per your
desired action.  The manufacturer is:

Pioneer/Omega Gear
Dept 5.0
60 N.E. 110th St.
Okeechobee, Fl 34972

I will probably purchase this myself but if you decide to try it, and it
eliminates your problem, let me know.

(Car is torn apart minus trans and motor and being prepped for paint)

btw: the article is in the Nov97 5.0