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Re: Info Needed on SVO specs.

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997 18:14:10 +0000 "Chris Roth"
<caroth@holly.colostate.edu> writes:
>The tires/wheels will fit under there without rubbing the lips until 
>you turn a corner really fast.  The only way to eliminate this 
>lateral travel in the back is to install a panhard rod. This is 
>spoken with experience based on my wheels that are 245/45ZR17 on 
>17X8" wheels with 5.75" backspacing.

o.k so tell me when the tire does rub, can it damage the fenders? and
also when you are talking about lateral travel i guess you are talking
about the Rear wheels right? and lateral means side to side right?
meaning the rear axel pushes in and out of the fender area?

also for some reason i can't load up your webpage, but it probably my


Charcoal Grey '86 SVO which needs a paint job bad!
2 Chambered Flowmasters, 2 1/2" Mac Tail pipes(Is it me or does MAC SUCK)