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Re: SVO: Nick's cam/space shuttle disaster

At 12:11 AM 12/17/97 -0800, you wrote:
>On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, James Reese wrote:
>> Hm, Scott...?
>> Every time I subtract 5 from 10, I still get a positive number. 
>> What am I doing wrong?
>I think he was trying to draw an analogy, but got his terms mixed up...try
>"10 from 5"...that should make it clearer...:)
>Joe Morgan
Um, yes, I realize he got his terms mixed up..I'm not stupid, I was being
"childish" to reply to this ongoing discussion. Let the dyno test show the
power, and if/when the demo car breaks, I'll be happy to see the results
(both dyno, and "after-effects"). Until then, I'm tired of seeing the
same-ol/same-ol, so let's just see how the dice roll. I'm interested in the
cam (and head), but at the price (which is fine), I'm not going to do an
impulse buy in the next few weeks, I don't mind waiting a few months (and
I've got a flat lobe on my current (stock) camshaft)

I guess sarcasm goes over the head of a LOT of these list members....

James Reese