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Re: Fuel System

>Yes I have. It's interesting though: whenever I open the VAF by hand it
>stops lean missing, then 30 seconds later it starts again...I can continue
>to open the VAF until it is completely open -- then it will stop (and the
>motor will practically die from the richness). It seems to lean miss no
>matter what I do....might be something else like a part-clogged injector
>or an ignition miss as well, but it doesn't do it anywhere else except
Have you monitored the O2 sensor when you are doing this?

Do you know where the sensor is located that turns the electric cooling
on when it gets hot enough? This is on a stock '87 t/c auto. I thought it
the one that mounts vertically in the top of the intake, but my fans still
turn on too late for my taste.