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Re: SVO: Hydraulic Clutch Retrofit

> In a message dated 97-12-17 14:02:25 EST, Cameron_Bush@transalta.com writes:
> <<  put an ETS aluminum flywheel and Centerforce clutch/pressure plate in my
>  86 SVO last year and had no problems until this past month >>
>   How do you like this setup?  Does it rev up faster now?  Was it really worth
> it?

I have that setup too, and I like it on the street, and it does rev
up faster.  It's a pain at the strip, though, because you need a a fair
bit of intertia to get off the line without bogging.  Since I'm not
driving my SVO that much any more except at the strip, I probably would
not buy the aluminum flywheel if I had it to do over again.