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Re: SVO: wheel stuff

 The 1984 Supplement says that the wheels are 16x7 with a 4.5" bolt circle.
  THe offset is 1.75".

American Racing used to put out a rim that looked close to a stock SVO - 
sort of plain with oval cuts to the outside. Sears used to stock these, 
as did the now-defunct Western Auto.

I agree with some of the other posters: Anything else but stock on the SVO
just doesn't look as good.

Some places to try for rims:

Ye Old Wheel Shoppe
Glen Burning, ? MD 21061
(800) 526-8260

Ernie's Alloys
(305) 687-0028

Acker Wheel
271 Coleman Ave.
San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 275-1218

I've heard there is a place in Dallas that does excellent work on straightening
and repair, but don't have an address. 

84 SVO
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