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Re: SVO: wheel stuff

In a message dated 97-12-18 11:01:55 EST, rkl@MooseWare.com writes:

<< Some places to try for rims:
 Ye Old Wheel Shoppe
 Glen Burning, ? MD 21061
 (800) 526-8260
 Ernie's Alloys
 (305) 687-0028
 Acker Wheel
 271 Coleman Ave.
 San Jose, CA 95110
 (408) 275-1218
 I've heard there is a place in Dallas that does excellent work on
 and repair, but don't have an address. 
 84 SVO >>
Stay away from Ye old wheel shop!!!!!!! I had nothing but trouble with them
and know of others who have as wheel. He can straighten a wheel but is No Good
with detail work. I had him straighted a wheel for me a couple of years ago(it
was bent badly and cracked but obsolete) It was straight but you could see
sanding marks all over the repaired area(really obvious), He also LOST my
tire, it took over an hour of digging through his tire piles to find it. I was
at work and sent Eric to get the wheel and tire, the guy kept telling me "you
come on Sat. and look for tire" it was Monday and I worked 7 to 7. I said no
way you find the tire because the car is at the alignment shop and they need
the wheel to align it. He got an attitude about it. Now who was the customer
here and who lost my tire?? It also took him 3 1/2 weeks to straighted it!
After that I found Wheel Worx in Millersville Maryland and these guys are nice
and do everything they can to make you happy. They are also excellent with
Details. This is the guy I arranged a deal with for List members to refinish
or polish SVO wheels. A few members so far have had this done. I am putting
together before and after pictures of an SVO wheel that was badly damaged that
Wheel Worx fixed.(picking up wheel tommorrow). I will get these pics to Dave
and see if he is willing to put them on his web page. The number for Wheel
Worx is 1-888-969-7282.

Paul (CCA Pres.)