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Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff


>Just a thought...the new 98' Cobra "R" looking stock wheel is a 17" X 8"

Wow I forgot about these babies,  have you seen them?  I would love to get
these for the 86 SVO.  As I understand it, Ford is putting the new wheel on
the regular Cobra?  It would be a great add to my wheel collection.

>Shelby 'mesh' wheels?...you mean Saleen wheels from something like a
>87-88 Saleen, right? I'm asking because Shelby didn't make a mesh type
>wheel. But, I've seen several SVO's borrowing Saleen wheels before.

I have a set of these I bought for $100 and want to get them mounted up,
but I did not get the caps, does anyone know (Neil) if the Saleen caps are
still available?

Chris Roth	
2 SVOs