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lean missing and ECT sensors

On Thu, 18 Dec 1997, Pat Paulson wrote:

> >Yes I have. It's interesting though: whenever I open the VAF by hand it
> >stops lean missing, then 30 seconds later it starts again...I can continue
> >to open the VAF until it is completely open -- then it will stop (and the
> >motor will practically die from the richness). It seems to lean miss no
> >matter what I do....might be something else like a part-clogged injector
> >or an ignition miss as well, but it doesn't do it anywhere else except
> >idle.
> Have you monitored the O2 sensor when you are doing this?

Yes...it lean misses ;) It doesn't do it when in open loop (startup) or
off-idle...just when warm and idling. It's probably just the computer

> Do you know where the sensor is located that turns the electric cooling
> fans
> on when it gets hot enough? This is on a stock '87 t/c auto. I thought it
> was
> the one that mounts vertically in the top of the intake, but my fans still
> turn on too late for my taste.

Well, from my understanding the computer turns on the fans when the ECT
(the sensor mounted vertically in the lower intake between #2 and #3
ports) signals a certain voltage. I don't think there is much you can do
to "trick" the computer...what you can do is one of two things:

1) hook up another relay (30 amp) and some heavy guage wire and run a
power wire to the fan separately through this feed. Run the primary
circuit of the relay through a toggle in the cabin for a manual override.
I have this setup in the Pinto. 

2) Find the wire (forgot which color) that activates the ground side of
the Primary EDF in the "black box". This circuit utilizes a voltage
inverter so you need to provide ~8 volts DC (low current) to this wire to
manually ground out the relay. This sounds complicated, but with a
schematic it's cake.