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Re: SVO: wheel stuff


>Careful, don't confuse offset and backspace.

Oops, I was wrong, I did not read the e-mail carefully.  I, now, realize
the difference the between offset and backspacing (always knew, just forgot).

Imeasured all of my SVO wheels the other night and came up with 5 13/16"
backspacing which I think is 5.75" nominal.

Your information you provided for measuring backspacing and offset is
really great especially for those on the list that did not know this
procedure. But I have a question:

>3. Offset = (Overall Width - Backspace) / 2

By the above calculation, wouldn't the offest on a SVO wheel be 0.625"?


Even if the overall width of the wheel is 7.5" then the offset would
calculate to be 0.875"

But Rod said his brochure stated:

>>The offset is 1.75".

I am confused, shed the Colorado sun on me.

Chris Roth	
2 SVOs