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Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff

Dunno, maybe he has a horde of companies 
I got 'em out of a big catalog of Shelby wheels; it may have been the only 
16" on the list at the time.  Came with nice "CS" logo hub-covers, that have 
faded with time. 

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In a message dated 97-12-18 12:42:20 EST, dbrower@us.oracle.com writes:

 No, I mean Carroll Shelby 16x7 mesh wheels I got in about '89.   I don't
 have a picture
 to scan, but they are natural aluminum surface with a deep/open mesh grid
 is black on the inside.   It was necessary to get the hub-hole machined to a
 size, making them bolt-centric.
This puzzles me as well, A 16" wheel was never offered by Shelby. 15" was the
largest available on the Shelby's. Other than that, Carroll Shelby did not
make any more wheels. Are you refering to a replica wheel for the Cobras or
older Mustangs? Or maybe a wheel from Chrysler as used on their products?

Paul (CCA Pres.)

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