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apples to apples?


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> Joe's car makes more power than nicks car witha an Engle 55...Hmmmm
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> Aside from all the other BS in this message, this fact is not true.  Motor
> to motor, without nitrous.
> I have Nick's dyno sheets in my hand, and I was there when they were done.

As I've told people many, many times...the single run you have of mine
was done to put another ugly rumor to rest -- that the "255" Superchip
made power.

My setup is in no way intended to be run on the motor, it is intended to
run on the bottle.  That said -- it has run a best of 12.89 on one of
three total (ever) runs on the motor...given the 300-ish pound
difference between my car (at the time 2750) and a stock XR with
passenger (~3100)...even with leaving in a bog at 2600 (stock convertor)
-- my car goes >1.5 seconds faster (">" means "greater than" for the
numbers challenged out there...) than Nick's mid-14's...3 or even 4, or
even 500 pounds doesn't explain that.

Neither does the fact that my stock green-injectored SVO running 12 PSI
goes mid 14's, as well as my Ranger, which does 14.40's (on the motor)
with 3" exhaust and a cone...completely stock untouched factory motors.  

If there's a power advantage, it's only evident on your list.

At least when confronted with cold hard facts, the owner of Superchips
admits that his stuff doesn't make any power.

Joe Morgan