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Re: SVO: wheel stuff

On Dec 18, 11:17, Chris  Roth wrote:
> Subject: Re: SVO:  wheel stuff
> Gary,

> But I have a question:
> >3. Offset = (Overall Width - Backspace) / 2
> By the above calculation, wouldn't the offset on a SVO wheel be 0.625"?
> (7-5.75)/2=0.625"

Re-read Step 1 under "Measuring Offset".

7.0" is the bead-to-bead width, i.e., the width that the mounted tire beads
see. The wheel has width beyond this, which is called the overall width. Going
backwards thru the formula with the 1.75" offset says that the overall width
for the 7" SVO wheel is 9.25" wide overall, which strikes me as a bit wide, but
these are fairly meaty wheels and they have pretty wide balance weight lips as
well, so maybe its not too far off.

You've apparently got some wheels that don't have tires mounted, what's the
overall measured width?

Gary M.