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Re: lean missing and ECT sensors

I have idle miss problem in my 87 TC 5-speed also.  I also have a detonation
problem just as the boost starts to come up (before the knock sensor can stop
it I guess).  Any other suggestions would be appreciated.


Mark Ward

In a message dated 97-12-18 12:55:19 EST, you write:

<< > >Yes I have. It's interesting though: whenever I open the VAF by hand it
 > >stops lean missing, then 30 seconds later it starts again...I can continue
 > >to open the VAF until it is completely open -- then it will stop (and the
 > >motor will practically die from the richness). It seems to lean miss no
 > >matter what I do....might be something else like a part-clogged injector
 > >or an ignition miss as well, but it doesn't do it anywhere else except
 > >idle.
 > Have you monitored the O2 sensor when you are doing this?
 Yes...it lean misses ;) It doesn't do it when in open loop (startup) or
 off-idle...just when warm and idling. It's probably just the computer
 (normal). >>