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Re: SVO: wheel stuff

On Dec 18, 13:10, Chris Roth wrote:
> Subject: Re: SVO:  wheel stuff
> Gary,
> OK, I went home at lunch and measured the wheels without tires. The
> wheel measures 8.0" exactly. So I will do the math:
> > > >3. Offset = (Overall Width - Backspace) / 2
> (8.0 -5.75)/2 = 1.125" still not correct.
> >From you above formula you could never get a negative offset.  I
> think the formula used is the following:
> Offset=Back spacing - (Overall width/2)

Yep, you're right, I spaced the formula. Serves me right for posting about
anything math related prior to having any caffine. I'll post a correction to
the list.

> This would give you the 1.75" offset number, but this brings up
> another question.  I your first post you wrote
> > Offset:
> >
> > A wheel's offset is the distance from its hub mounting surface to
> > the centerline of the wheel. If the hub mounting surface is outside
> > the centerline, the offset is positive. If the hub mounting surface
> > is inside the centerline, the offset is negative.
> Is this relative to the front of the wheel? If so then the above
> modified formula will work.  I am not trying to be a jerk, just
> trying to understand the system.

That's correct, its referenced to the front of the wheel. A positive offset is
between the wheel's front face and the wheel centerline, negative offsets are
inboard of the wheel centerline.

Gary M.