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SVO: Rich running, will it toast the guides or what?

The other day when someone was attributiong guide failures to not hooking
up the VAF meter, I stated that the SHO has a commonish problem of
running rich on the average owners car, beause of neglect.  I wasnt sure
what the reason was(been about a year since I was on SHOtimes), but for
some reason I was thinkng O2 sensors.  Last nite on my journey to y
parents house for the holidays, it hit me that the problem was the
thermostat goes bad in the SHO often and gets stuck open, casueing the car
to run rich as balls.  Mine had that problem, and  would only get about
So whats the point....Dave said the result is broken cat mdeia, that will
suck up into the cylinder on decceration, and smoke the engine.  Well,
that is only one of the results. The most common question it seems
mechanically on the list is why an individual's car uses so much oil.
Usually these same individuals also say the temp gauge hardly eve gets
warm.   I havent heard anyone on that list have an engine die when it was
running rich due to a seized valve though.  Most people just have the
rings slowly wear away.....
I may be wrong about this, but Gary M is very knowledgeable about these
cars, and may be able to shed the lite.

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