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Re: SVO: Lunati cam

>If im not mistaking, didnt Lunati make a 2.3 Turbo cam some time ago?
>I think I saw
>it in a Rapido catalog a few years ago, but im not sure.   If anyone
>knows anything about it, do they still make it?  And were there any
>tests done on it?

        You are not mistaken.  I dug up my Lunati (`95-96) catalog and got
the specs.

Cam only part#  32903
Cam kit Part#   65403  (includes followers, springs, retainers and locks)
Grind #         SPAY1-274

                        Intake                  Exhaust
Duration @.050          227*                    227*
Lobe lift               .300"                   .300"
Sep C/L (what?)         111*                    110*
Opens @.050             03* BTC                 45* BBC
Closes @ .050           43* ABC                 01* ATC
Valve lash              .000"                   .000"
Gross Duration          274*                    274*
Gross lift              .500"                   .500"

Description-  Good idle.  Developed for use as replacement for factory turbo
motor cam.  Power range 2000-4500.  REQUIRES LONGER THAN STOCK VALVES.

 Cam alone is $194.87.  Net price for kit is $175.42.  Kit consists of parts
needed to accompany longer valves.

  This info was straight out of the catalog.  Cam looks ok on paper, but
seems to have a pretty narrow power range.  Now if you notice (I am not
trying to open a can or anything, just stating a point), the cam has a .500"
lift and it specifically requires longer valves.  Enjoy the info.

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