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SVO: For sale!!!

First off let me give a little history...

I bought this car from the boss of the original owner (making me the third
owner).  This car has been meticulously maintained (i.e. LOTS of records). 
Only after buying it did I find out how rare it is (they even made more
SVOs that year!).  The car itself has the following:

	never been in an accident
	~107,000 miles
	Dark Charcoal metallic with a red interior
	Ford premium sound
	power steering
	power windows
	cruise control
	air conditioning
	engine block heater
	sport seats
	rear window louvers (have them but not currently on the car)

The paint is in good shape and the interior is in fantastic shape.  The
dash is not cracked and the seats are not ripped.  The car does burn some
but all the electrical and mechanical stuff works great.
Just recently I had a custom 3" exhaust installed professionally.  There is
a 3" downpipe, high-flow CAT, 3" pipe from that to a 3-chambered Flowmaster
muffler, and a 2.5" exhaust out the back.  Also I have a Turbocoupe
intercooler, VAM and computer all off of a 87 Thunderbird.  However, they
are not installed in the car.

Why would I sell such a great car?  Well I bought the car expecting to not
get into graduate school and I wanted something fun to drive for the 45
mile a day commute to work in Seattle.  However, I did get into grad school
and a 4X4 is much more appropriate.  I will need to drive in the snow and
off road in the
fields.  The asking price; $3500.  I am located in the Renton, Washington
area.  I also have some pictures of it scanned into the computer and I can
email them to you if you are interested.

Andrew Haydock
206-625-9490 or 425-255-4152

1966 Mustang <never gonna be for sale>
1984 Mustang GT turbo <for sale>