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Brake vibration

ANyone have any thoughts on this:

	Recently this summer I did some brake work on my 88 TC. I had the
front rotors turned and put new pads on. The next weekend I pulled the
rear pads off (rear Discs) and the rotors looked fine, so I didn't get
them turned. I just replaced the pades because they needed to BADLY, both
inboard pads were worn to the point that the material was just about gone. 
	After some struggle to back off the pistons I got the new pads on.
I drove home from my dads place that night(about 3 mi.) and noticed a hot
brning smell. I tried to set the parking break like normal, and noticed
that the pedal wouldn't move. The rear wheels and the brakes were very
hot, even glowing red. I took it to the mechanic's shop on my dads block
to see if I did something wrong. All he did was take the pads off, and
back off the pistons some more. I apparently didn't get them back far
enough. *pay attention this may be the key* -> The mechanic then filled
the brake resivoir way past the max level.
	The brakes did run ALOT cooler, but every so often they make this
horendous low pitched vibration. It sounds like a bass note in the stereo.
It only happens at about 2mph when stopping. I get the same effect if I
try to drive with the parking brake on, or do a "brake stand"
(powerbrake)<hold the brake and gas pedals>........ The problem has so far
not appeared when I put the car in neutral to stop for a stop sign, etc..

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