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Wheel chroming...

Hey all,

Was looking at the state of my wheels recently and notice they've seen 
better years.  (Actually, I'm finally admitting it.....Uhhh, my name is 
Chris and my alloys are nasty)  I know shops are all over the place that 
will clean them up for you but my question is this.... Has anyone had 
their wheels chromed?  I think all three of my cars would look great 
with chrome wheels but don't want to buy new ones.  I like the designs I 
have now and think it is silly to get rid of them.  I know they are more 
work to maintain but I think my years of smacking curbs are over and 
would like something a bit distinctive.  If anyone knows of any shops in 
Northern California, it would help a lot.



87 XR4TI
87 TC
91 VW Passat

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