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Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff

> Does anyone know if wheels off of a late model Probe GT would fit
> the SVO's ?

I wanted to make a corection to the information posted earlier to a 

I posted that the Probe GT wheel did not have the same bolt circle, 
which is incorrect.

The SVO Mustang has a 5-4.5" bolt circle according to my Pirelli Tire 
and Wheel guide taken from my job when I was a tire buster in 

According to the book, the 1989 Probe GT has a 5-4.5" bolt circle.  
The 1990&up Probe GT is 5-114.3" bolt circle which converts to 
5-4.5". So the probe GT wheel will fit in terms of bolt circle but I 
am not sure of the backspacing on the Probe GT wheel plus the hub 
area will probably need to be opened up to accept the SVO hub.

> I see people running them on toyota trucks, I thought toyotas were a
> ford pattern ?

I thought toyota truck were 6 lug, but I think that is the 4WD model, 
The book I have does not have info on the trucks.  I have never seen 
a toyota truck with probe wheels and am trying to envision the look?

Chris Roth
2 SVOs