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SVO: Re: Re: T5 grind

My T5 supposedly has synthetic in it.  I'm not sure who's synth.

Friction Modifier???

I know this is something popular w/ Contour owners.  They do it to reduce
the notchiness.

What are the possible or confirmed side effects of this?
Any comments would be appreciated.

Carl Haines
86 SVO

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From: Richard J Biskup <biskup@sheridan.ncd.com>
To: Multiple recipients of list svo <svo@SMARTWORX.COM>
Date: Thursday, December 18, 1997 10:06 PM
Subject: SVO: Re: T5 grind

>My '86 SVO doesn't grind when I do the same. You mentioned the new
>carbon fiber synchros, but I know that the blocking ring on the 5th
>gear synchro is made of brass (anyway, it's all metal). Is it possible
>that it wasn't replaced?
>Also, I am using Redline ATF, without any 'friction modifier', in my T5.
>It's been working fine, but I don't shift too hard.
>Good luck,
>Dick Biskup