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Re: SVO: Flush Headlight Questions

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997 DEVENNE@ACAD.WIT.EDU wrote:

> I just purchased a partially disassembled 86 SVO and I need to put the front
> end assembly together. I have all the headlights and directionals along with
> the adjusting plates and headlight reinforcement. I was wondering if there are
> spacers on the screws that hold the headlight to the adjustment plate. The
> headlights seem not to be flush with the directionals. The are actually 
> inward by about 1/4 inch. I am missing the rubber assemblies that go around
> the headlights though. Can anyone HELP???
> Thanks,
> Greg DeVenne
> 86 SVO 9L (49,795 original miles)
Nope, no spacer.  You can move all of the adjustment screws out 1/4" to 
match the other lights.  If I remember correctly, there sould be a good 
deal of threaded srcew on the head light side (maybe 2"..just guessing 
though) and very little to none at all sticking through the reinforcement 
panel side of the adjust plates.  If that's not it, make sure that the 
sidemarkers and turn signals are all the way back against the 
reinforcement panel.  On mine, it seemed like they would bind and sit 
crooked if I didn't pay close attention and tighten the two nuts each a 
little at a time.

85&86 SVOs