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Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff

Chris Roth wrote:
> Bud,
> >Just a thought...the new 98' Cobra "R" looking stock wheel is a 17" X 8"
> Wow I forgot about these babies,  have you seen them?  

Yeah, I've seen them. I saw a 98' Cobra back in Oct. Didn't realize it
for a few...I was just looking at the wheels saying "what kind of wheel
did this guy put on his Cobra??". They look close to the 95' R models
but they are and inch narrower..takes away from the 'phat' look (my new
word I just learned).

Neil mentioned something about the SVO track being wider than 5.0's
(axle length) and trying match 5.0 wheels to a SVO would be difficult.
Just one thing, the SN95 cars have a wider rear track also....it's the
same rear as 93' and back 8.8's but the axles (with disc brakes) are
also about 1.25" longer. This would also be a budget swap, for those of
you looking for an 8.8" w/disc rear.

Bud Morton
86 2R
85 4E