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RE: SVO: re: wheel stuff

Do the SN95 rear ends have the quad shock mounts ? 

Dennis Sly
84 SVO, Silver
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>Sly, Dennis wrote:
>> Then I don't understand how this would be a CHEAP way of changing to an
>> 8.8 rear.
>> Dennis Sly
>> 84 SVO, Silver
>Then I guess you don't have many SN95 drivers in your area wrecking
>their cars. We do here and they are quite abundant. It's an alternative
>to the Turbo Coupe rears which are getting harder and harder to find. A
>5 lug, rear disc rear that fits very well under an SVO...that doesn't
>have high miles on it.
>Another CHEAP upgrade would be the SN95 Cobra brakes. 13" fronts/11.65
>86 2R
>85 4E