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Re: Introductions

Hi There!
I've owned my '85 daily-driver SVO for almost 7 years. I live in the
Toronto, Canada area & will be 42 next month (I feel like an old fart
more each day)! The car is one of about 17 of the model that was sold in
Canada that year. Other than a Walker Super Turbo muffler, a "kill
switch", fan switch, & Lincoln Mark VII wheels (with Toyo snows which I
put on for winter handling), it's stock. I've been into Mustangs for
over 20 years & have owned a number of 64 1/2 - 66s. I currently own a
'69 302 convertible (since '89), which I rebuilt the engine a couple of
years ago. I'm not into racing these days but I did improve the 302 with
porting, roller rockers, headers, etc.

The wife & I also have a '67 Morgan 4/4 Competition Model, which we've
owned for over 8 years. This was our first British car & is rather
unique. Powered by an English Ford 1500 Cortina engine, it doesn't
garner much interest among the Ford or Mustang crowds, but is a lot of
fun! We put about 5000 km a year on this toy & the only breakdown was
cooked generator bearings. The Mustangs have been towed home more often!
We're entering our 4th year as the Presidents of the Morgan Sports Car
Club of Canada (it's a small club). We've staged club events for the
last 8 years, including 3 British Car Toy Runs for a Xmas charity. The
last had 145 cars come out with toys. I earn my living as a firefighter.
I'm a Fine Arts graduate & was an airforce technician. We're big into
cigars & my wife does cigar reviews for Smoke Magazine.

I've done quite a few repairs on the SVO, such as: control arm & coil
spring, heater core, rad, timing belt, TFI, distributor replacement
(original disintegrated at speed!), seat fabric & frame, TPS, turbo
replacement (waste gate rod rusted away), Parking brake cables, rotors &
brakes, roof rot at the hatchback hinge, hatchback struts, defroster
grid, water pump, tie rod, stabilizer links, knock sensor, & all the
usual stuff. I have a spare '85 TC engine that I would like to rebuild &
swap (with the later manifolds, injectors, etc.). It's not a priority,
but I may upgrade the intercooler later. My T5 has the bad 3rd gear & I
haven't been able to do the 4-3 downshift for some time. Now the 2-3
upshift is getting gnarly! I guess I'll have to do the tranny as well,
when I get around to the engine! I used to have the chirping clutch
throw-out bearing, but this eventually stopped by itself! A miracle! I
also have an annoying water leak around the heater intake (drips down
the passenger kick panel). I have the rough cold start problem for some
time now. On a really cold day if the block heater isn't plugged in, she
won't go! This has stumped the Ford dealer, as well as myself. It's
always a challenge & at times infuriating! I'll keep the car, as it is a
novelty & I look forward to the resources of this list! 

-Fred Kuzyk