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Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff

On Dec 19, 14:17, Dave Compton wrote:
> Subject: Re: SVO:  re: wheel stuff
> > Another CHEAP upgrade would be the SN95 Cobra brakes. 13" fronts/11.65
> > rears.
> Please talk about this at length. What needs to be changed, will they fit
> the stock SVO wheels, etc.

The Cobra 13" rotors and PBR 2-piston calipers won't fit in 16" wheels. Most
17" wheels will clear this combination.

Baer Racing has some brake upgrade kits called Serious Street/Drag for Mustangs
that use 12" front and rear rotors, 2-pot PBR calipers up front and rear single
pot calipers with integral parking mechanism.

There is also the A Sedan system with 12" rotors, but the front rotors are 0.3"
thicker than the SS/D system to improve heat capacity.

Both these will fit 16" OEM wheels and most aftermarket 16" wheels. Kit prices
start about $1600 and can be ordered for 4 or 5 lug hubs.

Baer Racing is in Phoenix AZ at 602-233-1411.

Gary M.