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Brake Pads -- was Re: SVO: re: wheel stuff

I was talking to Bob Wallace of Mustang Illustrated the other day and he
mentioned this new type of brake pad (don't remember the compound) that
stopped on a dime with their test vehicle -- a 1994 Mustang GT. It went
from 60-0 (or whatever) on a stock pad in about 140 feet. On these new pads
(I believe both front and rear, but not sure) they drew consistent 118-119
feet distances.

They're about $200 but sound like maybe they're the hot tamale -- and they
don't mess up your wheels like some racing compounds -- and they're
supposed to last pretty good too.

Anybody seen the article recently? -- Not sure if its out yet.

But by the way, they will soon be doing an article on a aluminum wheel
refinishing kit -- strips the clearcoat -- and you don't have to remove the
tires, etc. 

Keep you eye out for it in an upcoming edition -- it's a couple months away

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