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SVO: Help, smoke, tire info


	Well, I got on the SVO hard tonight and looking in the rear view 
mirror, I could see a pretty good puff(s) of smoke every time I shifted 
(about 5K rpms). I could see the smoke in the headlights of the car 
behind me.  It appeared to be coming out of both sides as it it were 
coming out of the tailpipes.  Don't know what color it was...and I haven't 
noticed it in the daylight.  I've got 91K on the clock.  Is it time for 
a bottom end rebuild?  The head was done about 30K ago and new valve 
stem seals will be coming up again soon (just starting to notice a little 
puff of blue when I fire it up).  Could it be the VS seals?  Running 
rich?  I'm going to try to determine a color tomorrow in the daylight.

> I would like to run 17x8's. Now i have a question about tires.  what
> tires will fit on this rim? the stock SVO wheel is 16x7" and has a
> 225/50/16 tire on it.. So let me quess with a 17x8 you could go with a
> 245/45/17. Right? going down a lower profile tire will give me the same
> outter tire circumfernce?

I was running some numbers and here's what I came up with:
	stock svo tires and wheels:   24.85" (overall height)
	svo wheel, 245/50/16:	       25.64"
	17" wheels with 245/40/17:     24.71" 
	17" wheels with 235/45/17:     25.32"
	17" wheels with 245/45/17:     25.68" 

This tells me that the plus one size for the SVO tire would probably be 
the 245/40/17.  This tire should fit.  I know that the plus one size 
for the 225/55/16 (stock 5.0 tire) is the 235/45 or 245/45/17.  For those 
who are running a 245/50/16, these tires would be the same size.  If you 
run a 17X8 with the same offset and backspace with the correct plus one 
tire, there should be no interference problems.

85&86 SVOs