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Re: SVO: Another Whell question..

tschaefe@usr.com wrote:
> True, by adjusting the backspacing on a rim, you can usually get a larger than
> stock tire under almost any car.  On my slicks..... It is a tight fit on the
> fenderwell lip ...  I would be more comfortable using 6.25" or more for a street/road
> racing tire.

Make SURE you actually do some real test fitting of any new tire/wheel
combo to see that is has PLENTY of room.  No just a static fit of the
combo on the car. Tires do actually move quite a bit on the rim under
hard cornering.  You may also have a problem with rubbing while movement
of the combo on compresion of the suspension on uneven surfaces.


I own a Merkur and currently have 16" wheels which are WRONG in the
offset (+35mm) they need to be a +40 and I have to run a 5mm spacer
which gives me problems balanginc the spindle assembly with the tire on.
The TSW spec shet for my car and their wheels said a 35 offset. WHICH I
questioned the dealer about that I kind of knew if wouldn't fit.  "Well
that's what the book say's so it must be right."

(I am going to take them to court ofer this I believe because they are
being really pissy with me because I am NOT happy with the wheel. It is

Like my industrial arts teacher said in the 7th grade "Measure twice,
cut once."

May the boost be with you,