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SVO: Howling rear brakes

Got a semi-SVO question here.....The left rear caliper on my 84 MK VII
howls when i brake for a stop...It no longer has hydro-boost(too
expensive and messy to replace, and had a t-bird Vac. booster lyin
around), never had ABS.  I replaced the master cylinder about 2 months
ago, it howled before the repair, stopped for a little while and now its
back......It howls as I brake, but if I put more pressure on the pedal it
stops...Could the caliper be hanging up? Or possibly a problem with the
Prop. Valve??
Help! Its driving me nuts!!

Thanx, Eric (CCA Sgt @ Arms)
-92 LX
-66 coupe
-84 Mk VII
-Topless Tiny Avenger(TTA), under construction....
-92 HD Fat Boy