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SVO: Re: T5 grind

> From: Chris Roth <caroth@rothfam.com>
> I put redline synthetic in my T-5 in the old 5.0.  I do not think it
> with notchiness, but it keep the temperature of the trany down.  Before I
> put the Synthetic the tranny stick would get very hot at high speeds. 
> the synthetic, the stick stayed very cool.

Hmmm, less heat=less friction,
less friction=syncros not synchronizing as fast as they used to,
syncros not...=need for friction modifier.

I wonder what Redline puts in their "blend"?

> Yes it is popular, but that is a totally different MTX (front wheel
>  On my SVT Contour, when it is cold out, second gear is hard to find
> the motor/tranny is warm.

Different tranny, same basic principles apply.  Yeah, and second gear is
pain when cold in my Contour.  I had similar prob. with my truck when cold.
 Actually it was worse, but double clutching worked well.  It's fixed on my
truck.  I went from gear lube to w30 motor oil.  The guy at the
transmission shop told me to use the lighter oil.

Carl Haines
84 Ranger 4X4
86 SVO
95 Contour V6