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Re: SVO: Lunati cam

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, Mp23cc wrote:

> What longer valves? Not the Ford Motorsport ones, they are about as long as
> the stock ones. Essingler has some real nice long valves to go with the roller
> camshaft that they sell. They work great with the cams they sell but they
> would not work well for us. Why do you think they say you need a longer valve?
> It is not for the valve seal to retainer thing. Thanks again
They must have back door deal wit manley then, huh? "Hey, we'll put in the
catalog that they need longer valves, and you guys can sell valves!"
You bring up a good point though...can anyone name a 2.3 cam larger than
.480 that will work with the stock unmodded valve train?
Your the machinist, Nick, why DOES everyone else but you require longer
I dont think its some proprietary stuff, because people have been sticking
500 lift cams in theseengines for 20 years, and your cam has been around,
what, 2?  If there was a way to do it with stock valves in an uncut head,
it would have been done along time ago

Thans again,

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