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Re: Turbo's

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, Matt Carlson wrote:

> Hey guys,
>     I am not to clear on all of the different turbos on the 2.3's out
> there, so here is my question. How does a '86 Mercur turbo differ from
> the one on my '84 SVO? Is it the same size? I ask because I want to pick
> one up at a junkyard here in fargo.

The main diffrence is the compressor housing.  But that can me changed
easily.  The centers are the same.

>     Also, is there any other parts I should grab off of the car while I
> have a chance.... Cory already got the injectors, and I was planning on
> the upper/lower intake already.

Did Cory get the pipe between the turbo and the throttle body?

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