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Re: SVO: Help, smoke, tire info

On Fri, 19 Dec 1997, Samuel M. Hanks wrote:

> List,
> 	Well, I got on the SVO hard tonight and looking in the rear view 
> mirror, I could see a pretty good puff(s) of smoke every time I shifted 
> (about 5K rpms). I could see the smoke in the headlights of the car 
> behind me.  It appeared to be coming out of both sides as it it were 
> coming out of the tailpipes.  Don't know what color it was...and I haven't 
> noticed it in the daylight.  I've got 91K on the clock.  Is it time for 
> a bottom end rebuild?  The head was done about 30K ago and new valve 
> stem seals will be coming up again soon (just starting to notice a little 
> puff of blue when I fire it up).  Could it be the VS seals?  Running 
> rich?  I'm going to try to determine a color tomorrow in the daylight.

How bad was it? if its jus a little cloud, and its at WOT, its
normal...Somethin about that 10:1 A/F ratio at WOT:)

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